Can You Do Strength Training if You’re Overweight? Absolutely!

man performing strengt training movement

Folks often wonder if they can start strength training if they’re carrying a few extra pounds. The answer? You bet! At Trv|Fit Fitness, we tailor workouts to suit everyone, regardless of fitness level or body size.

In a one-on-one session, our coaches craft personalized workouts that target your goals, whether it’s shedding weight, gaining strength, or boosting confidence. And in our group classes, we adapt the exercises to fit your needs perfectly—no stress, just support.

Imagine a workout like this:

3 rounds of:

20 barbell squats

Run 1 mile

Intense, right?

But if you’re just starting out and aiming to lose weight, we’ll tweak it for you, like this:

3 rounds of:

5 body-weight squats

Jog or walk 100 meters

We’re pros at tailoring workouts to fit you like a glove. But hey, here’s the easy route: Book a free consultation with us, spill the beans about your goals and fitness level, and we’ll craft a plan just for you.

You Can Do Strength Training If You’re Overweight!

Here’s the scoop: You don’t need to be fit to start training—training is what gets you there. It’s like diving into swimming lessons before you’ve mastered the butterfly stroke.

Sure, you might’ve seen elite athletes crushing it at the CrossFit Games, but here’s the deal: At our gym, strength training is a tool to help you crush your weight loss or strength goals, whatever they may be. It’s a mix of cardio and strength work designed to sculpt your dream physique.

We’ll chat with you to figure out your goals, then whip up a personalized plan just for you. And hey, we won’t forget about the nutrition side of things—eating right is just as crucial as working out.

Once we’ve got your plan locked in, we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders, tracking your progress every step of the way. We’ve seen beginners become fitness enthusiasts, older clients outdo their younger selves, and pounds melt away like magic.

So if weight loss is on your radar and you’re curious about strength training, fret not! You can absolutely do it, especially with a team of pros like us in your corner. And guess what? Your journey starts with a chat, not a grueling workout. So let’s talk goals, dreams, and everything in between. Ready to take the plunge? Book your free No Sweat Intro today!